A Breathtakingly Intimate You

An Ashtyn Jade couture session promises a day of pampering, a day to reconnect with who you are, to realize and remember your inexplicable strength, to find again {and then embrace} the beauty and grace within.

Our studio provides a sanctuary - a place where you can breathe.  Where you can open up and be a little vulnerable.  Because it is from that place that we build and develop the iconic, awe-inspiring, and breathtaking images that will become a part of your life story, a piece of your legacy.

Ready to Play?

Step One: Phone Consultation

Ask me questions.  Share your story.  Let's be sure we're an excellent fit!  And let's reserve your session date.  Only a few clients per month are accepted.  Please don't miss out.

Step Two: Custom Mood Board

Together we'll develop and design a session that will awe and inspire.  We'll plan and organize a variety of looks to incorporate during our time together.

Step Three: Pre-Session Consultation

This is a time to fine-tune the wardrobe and nail down details... all over your favorite ice cream, of course.  Can't make it into the studio?  We can do this online, as well.

Step Four: Makeup & Hairstyling

Industry leader and celebrity makeup artist, Missy Lovett, is our go-to gal in this arena.  Her extensive experience, paired with her incredibly heart, will be yours as she pampers and stylizes you for each look.

And, yes... we do our homework.  So you'll be surrounded by your favorite vices {i.e., snacks} throughout the process!

Step Five: The Couture Session

This is where the magic happens.  When our talents and preparation combine with the personal connection that we forge... your soul alights, and we're there to capture it, to showcase it, and {invariably} to embrace it.

We may cry.  We'll definitely laugh.  And when all is said and done, you'll more easily recognize the strength and power within.

Step Six: Portrait Premiere/Ordering Session

This is what is all about... the opportunity to revel in the inexplicable emotion that results from truly seeing the soul.

The Portrait Premiere is an absolute celebration of who you are - now and in this space, at this point and in this time.

Rescheduling Requests

We know it happens... And we can accommodate you!!

As each stage of this experience is a creation crafted specifically for you...

all fees, deposits and retainers are NON-refundable.   

If rescheduling a portrait session becomes necessary, please contact us no less than 48-hours prior your scheduled session.  If proper notice is provided to us, your request will be honored once without incurring any rebooking fees.  Further rescheduling will require a rebooking fee of $300.

Video Production Services may require a rebooking fee of up to $600.

Contact to reschedule


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